Every business and home is different therefore we provide a free security diagnostic service followed by a competitive quote.

Intruder detection systems are designed to detect unauthorised access at a client's premise and signals the event locally (typically audibly via sirens) and/or remotely by phone or data lines to a monitoring facility in order that a timely response can be made.

Intruder alarm systems can be integrated with access control or building management that controls lighting and heating, and is now a cost-effective option. We can incorporate other devices, like water detectors, temperature sensors, point-to-point beams, seismic detectors, and reed switches into the system. Many of our sites are remotely monitored by our clients or ourselves to provide an extra level of service.

Senao International ranges across all the major brands, selecting from each the best product option for a particular situation. This ensures our systems offer the best security solution, long term reliability and demonstrated by a 1 year warranty.

The alarm control panel is the heart of the system, we will select the right product depended on your present and future requirements and budgets.
These are some of the considerations in selecting the right system for you or your business
1) Price
2) Expandability for extra sensors or access control functions
3) Management and reporting features
4) Maximum amount of user codes to keep track of staff entries/exits
5) Keypad design and looks.
6) Automation and intergration capabilities
7) Partitionable eg: separate arming of office and warehouse. House and workshop garage.
8) Hardwired and wireless options to reduce installation costs.
9) Remote access to check your alarm status.

The choices and options of auxilliary devices that can be connected or controlled by alarm systems is vast nowadays.
Below is an example of the most widely used:
1) Extra keypads and special keypad control functions
2) Movement detectors - ultra low false alarm immunity.
3) Smoke detectors- available in ceiling flush mount.
4) Point to Point beams - used for perimeter protection and gate/door minder systems.
5) Outdoor IP66 sensors with smart technology for perimeter detection.
6) Door reed switch sensors - alarm monitoring of doors if left opened.
7) Panic Buttons - installed in bedrooms, under reception desks etc
8) Wireless remotes - for easy alarm control, panic and medical alarms, roller doors.
9) Internal sirens - flush mounted into ceilings or walls
10) External sirens - anti vandal polycarbinate non-rusting types
11) Alarm Monitoring - hard wired or wireless GPRS for baches, no phone lines etc.