CCTV Surveillance Systems

Having an extra pair of eyes on your property and valuables is a powerful crime prevention aid. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems are those extra eyes.

CCTV forms an integral part of any security system. Senao International supplies and installs a comprehensive range of CCTV systems from single camera operation to fully integrated, remote-monitored solutions.
As one of Delhi NCRs largest independent and longest serving security companies, you can have absolute confidence that Senao will provide you with a CCTV surveillance system to match your exact requirements. We will work with you to ensure your system is installed in the optimal location and complies with the associated legislation – including the Data Protection Act – by supplying all the necessary signage and operating advice.

CCTV surveillance offers more than a simple security system; it can provide valuable insight into accidents, health and safety incidents and security breaches.

Systems can be networked or standalone, wired or wireless, from a one camera domestic front entrance surveillance system to an external multi camera system viewing public areas such as car parks. Whatever your requirement, we have a solution for you.
We offers a choice of CCTV solutions including Megapixel IP CCTV systems that transmit images and audio over a data network or internet connection providing greater flexibility for access and monitoring, an easier installation and seamless integration with access control and intruder detection systems.
Are you looking for an effective theft deterrent? Want to set up monitoring for health and safety purposes? Wish to keep an eye on unmonitored exits, or vulnerable areas of your building or outdoor premises? Maybe your property remains unoccupied for long periods and you need a CCTV surveillance system to reduce the risk of break-ins and vandalism? We offers a service to meet all needs.